The kids, the job, the animals, the space.

You want to be a writer but...

The reality is there's never the time, the quiet, the vacant spot - you set aside Sunday but something interrupts – you organise a friend's flat for the day and the dog gets sick. And when you do get to write, your heart sings, you sit down – and you block

You block and you block and...

You can't get out of it and there's this script you're determined to write but you're stuck and in any case it's terrible and you can't afford a Writers' Retreat - on and on and what you want is what REAL writers have, which is quiet and money and hotel rooms and endless time and drinks after seven. 

Actually, no...

Professional writers have children and work and dogs that get sick and toilets that block but they cope and they write. Under pressure, to crazy deadlines, often on several jobs at a time because there's a technique to it, and it's one you could learn. 

You could learn it, write well, write fast. In the train, in the car during the children's music lesson, in any small pocket of time. It can help you with blocking. It can give you insights into your personal story process. 

It can stun you with your own unexpected imaginative strength, and with that of course, comes confidence, resilience - and you on the first step to picking up jobs like the pros. 


'The Story Muscle'

Learn professional writers’ skills of mental focus to pull stories and plot twists out of the blue - with the fluency, flexibility and vivid originality you need to shine in the Writers’ Room.

Work almost anywhere any time, calm down your blocking reflex and land unexpected commissions from impressed producers.

  • A fast-track to professional job opportunities.

  • Tried and tested mental gymnastics to focus concentration, create quality to order, work quickly despite distractions and use every minute.

  • Theory with extensive graduated practical exercises – making twenty-plus ideas in five minutes easy.

  • Insights into your process to help you control blocking.

  • A confidence-building process that puts you in control, gives you actual solutions, makes you see your talent objectively and shows how you'll never be hostage to one story idea again.


Probably the most useful writing skill you can get.

You'll use it every day in every type of writing you do.
You'll learn mental focus skills to get stories faster and to get inside your own head and talent so you can:
  • impress producers and get work and be marked as someone to watch;

  • write well in limited time and difficult environments;

  • get strategies to help you manage your blocking;

  • learn more about your own unique story creation process;

  • uncover better time management skills;

  • have less personal anxiety;

  • gain greatly increased confidence and independence;

  • a notebook chock-full of potential film and TV ideas you could take further.

Here's What You Get...

  • A course packed with theory and exercises that gets you producing story and plot ideas effortlessly and lays down skills that you can keep practising on your own.

  • A tried and tested method that Linda Aronson has taught all over the world, providing you with theory and practical exercises to take you step by step into understanding how to balance your logic and imagination while you create, and expand a vast number story fragments in various genres and with various initial triggers.

  • Theory and practice in opening out the fragments to find more story content.

  • Theory and practice in 'finding the story' in the fragments, working out which bit of the story the fragment is , so as to better develop the story.

What's Included

Four packed theory lessons from a highly-successful course tried and tested all over the world

Extensive Exercises

Daily Practice Regime

Many new ideas for films or TV or fiction created in the course

Total Value = $499 AUD


This set of techniques has been passed down for generations, writer to writer. Linda received it decades ago, now passes it on to you, to get you up there and on the road. You’ll use it every time you write. Enjoy!

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You're a writer in any medium at all who wants to increase the richness and speed of idea generation and get in better control of your writing.

  • You're ready to do the exercises and practise to lay down the skills and increase your speed.

  • You’re a writer who's struggling with the time, place and opportunity to write.

  • You’re a writer who's struggling with writers' block and wants new ways to try to help with it.

This course is NOT right for you if:

  • You don't have the time to devote to the theory and the practice.

  • You’re not interested in doing the exercises and practising on your own.

Linda Answers Your FAQ

  • How much time will I need to spend on this?

    About five to seven hours a week, but you’ll find it fun. It really increases your confidence because you realise you will always have this amazing technique to get ideas. Really, the more you practice the better. When you leave the course you’ll find yourself using the story muscle techniques all the time in your writing.

  • Can I do this course on its own?

    By all means! Actually, I get people to do it as a prerequisite for my other courses because it’s such a powerful tool it helps with every kind of writing.

  • I’m not sure I’m at the right level for this.

    Anyone of any level of writing experience can do it and benefit from it (when I was writing novels for young adults, I once taught it to a group of nine-year-old children, including one boy who hated writing stories. His mother wrote to me and told me he’d used the Story Muscle to write a story - and had won a national children’s Creative Writing competition run by Nestlé. She said he was now planning to become a writer!)

What People Are Saying About Linda Aronson

"She has transformed my writing."

Diana Juhr DeBenedetti, Makelight Productions

I truly enjoy working with Linda. As a mentor, not only is she incredibly wise, caring and brilliantly creative, she wrote the book on the art of crafting and creating a story, and she has this fine-tuned emotional intelligence to match her magical cognitive powers. Her methods work. They are clear and simple yet powerful tools. She understands people and scriptwriting and the industry, and she communicates all these ideas with ease. She has reduced my mean and disturbingly stressful inner critic to an old friend who only stops by when needed. She is a wonderful teacher and I thank her for mentoring me and also for her patience and fabulous sense of humour. She has transformed my writing. I hope my mentorship never ends.

"The 21st Century Screenplay is an essential guide for the 21st century screenwriter."

Paul Thompson, Tisch Film and TV school, New York University

As a screenwriting teacher at New York University I recommend a broad spectrum of textbooks to my students. I tend to the view that most of these books offer something of value and each of them is essentially as good as the person who reads them. In the case of Linda Aronson’s work I make an exception. The 21st Century Screenplay addresses areas not covered by others. The book provides the services of a personal script editor, dramaturg, or even co-writer. It functions as a manual as well as a road map. The 21st Century Screenplay is an essential guide for the 21st century screenwriter. When setting out on a journey it always helps to take a map. The 21st Century Screenplay is a special kind of road map because it encourages us to explore uncharted territory. Enjoy this book. Don’t leave home without it.