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  • World-class rigorous training in real-world film, TV and Emerging Media scriptwriting techniques.

  • Training by a multi-award winning scriptwriter, novelist and playwright who’s one of the most respected writing teachers internationally.

  • Foundational level training and advanced training options.

  • Cutting-edge world-first film, TV and Emerging media on structures like flashback and nonlinearity that don’t fit the Hollywood model (nowhere else available).

  • Specialised script development skills for producers, directors and script development executives.

  • 24/7 access on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Linda Aronson's
Secrets of the Writers' Room

The only place you can access in-depth courses on Linda Aronson’s groundbreaking approaches to writing scripts that don’t fit the Hollywood model.

If you enrolled in a film school you would probably be required to read one of Linda Aronson’s books.

Secrets of the Writers’ Room courses are for all new and experienced writers and range from conventional narrative to how to write nonlinear, flashback, and Pulp-Fiction style film and TV across to highly-popular down-to-earth TV and film skills learned from her many years as an as a multi-award-winning scriptwriter.

There are courses for complete beginners through to professional writers, courses for producers, script executives, novelists who want to move into films, and playwrights - anyone who’s interested in basic and advanced script development in film or TV, games or emerging media.

You have a home here.

Linda and a cheering class of TV writers

What people are saying about Linda's resources...

"...an essential tool in any writer's kit."

Christopher Vogler, Author of The Writer's Journey

Linda Aronson’s book Screenwriting Updated is a lucid and eminently useful atlas of screenwriting technique. At last, you will understand "Pulp Fiction!” All the vague confusing things that teachers and studio executives say about flashback, turning points and multiple protagonists are whipped into coherent shape here, in a comprehensive, precise and extremely practical theory. Clear structural diagrams, up-to-date examples and thought-provoking analysis of failed films make this an essential tool in any writer's kit.

"...the insight that she can offer YOU, about YOUR screenplay, is extraordinary."

Chris Jones Founder and Chief Executive of The London Screenwriters' Festival

Anyone who has heard Linda Aronson speak about screenwriting knows that the insight that she can offer YOU, about YOUR screenplay, is extraordinary.

I have personally heard all of the so-called ‘script gurus’ speak, and I can tell you, if you want advanced professional script insight, Linda is the person for you.

"One of the great and important voices..."

Dr. Linda Seger, Author of Making a Good Script Great

Linda Aronson is one of the great and important voices on screenwriting.

Meet Linda Aronson

Award-winning Scriptwriter, Playwright
and Novelist

Linda Aronson teaches and consults on screenwriting internationally and is the only expert to provide practical guidelines for writing nonlinear and flashback films and TV that don't fit the Hollywood model.

She has devised TV series, written serial and series episodes, mini-series, children's TV, drama-documentary, fiction, plays and film.

Her books Scriptwriting Updated and The 21st Century Screenplay are required reading at film schools around the world.

Recognized by:

National Film School Czech Republic
Tisch Film and TV School NYU
American Film Institute
Danish National Film School
National Film and TV School UK
Warsaw Film School
Goldsmiths College UK
Swedish Film Institute